I’ve visited Max (our driver) and the crew at Serenity Trike tours a couple of times now. First was with my family (Mother and Brother) and then again with my partner.

I was worried that it might be a bit too scary for my mum and she was a little hesitant too. All our worries were put to rest before we even started by Max our driver who made us feel very safe, comfy and best of all warm! We all (Mum included) loved the ride!

I went again with my partner another time I visited the blue mountains and once again she and I were thrilled!

They really live up to the name “Serenity” which might be unexpected given the usual reputation for people on trikes. We only got to do shorter rides due to time constraints on our visits. Which meant going around some of the cliff drives and checking out the amazing scenery of the blue mountains. Given the chance I’d recommend going for a longer ride (about 1-2hours I think it was) to truly make the most of the ride and the location.

Max our driver is a true local and told us all about what we were looking/great stories and was even able to suggest a couple of places for dinner around town.

Highly recommended.

Tripadvisor, Sep 2016